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The Lifestyle Physiologist is a Specialist Personal Trainer in Brighton

Graduates work alongside other health professionals in hospitals and private practice. Use industry equipment in biomechanics, motor control and strength conditioning labs.

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The UK population is growing, ageing and becoming increasingly inactive and unfit. Personalised and targeted exercise interventions are beneficial for ageing and the management of chronic and complex conditions.

Exercise Physiology merges the scientific mind with the analysis of exercise. Students will master a physiological and anatomical knowledge base, gain proficiency in scientific writing, and competently execute many "hands-on" laboratory techniques using state-of-the-art equipment. Students will have the opportunity to explore the exercise testing laboratory, learning to understand how the human body is influenced by exercise.

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If you are looking to improve your health and wellness but dont know if you need an Exercise Physiologist vs Personal Trainer, find out more here!

They are quite similar to each other! Physiotherapists are very “hands on” whilst exercise physiologists are more “hands off” with the exception of physical cues. Physiotherapists also commonly treat acute injuries while exercise physiologists are more prevention, management or rehabilitation.